“What Does Ghost Mean to Us?”

I recently asked the fans what Ghost meant to them. The responses delighted my very core. Not only were they heartfelt, but they were also deep and personal. I knew that music could touch and impact the very being and life that is the individual… seeing these insightful comments definitely reminds us that we’re all not so different. Music is a beautiful thing that brings everyone together.

Ghost’s fanbase is one of a kind. Just like these responses.

“Ghost is helping me get through a pretty difficult time in my life right now. And when I say Ghost I mean more than the music. This fandom is incredible. I have met so many genuinely kind people through the band, and some I have formed extremely close friendships with. Going through a difficult situation sucks, and there are still things I need to do on my own to get over it, however, the support I get on a daily basis is just incredible. This fandom is Family!” – Karo DW

“Ghost means a new life for me. New friends, relationships, experiences and a better outlook. I have finally found my crowd and with Ghost, I really do have everything!” – Candance Jean

“An escape from anything that gets me down.” – Mike Jones

“New beginnings.” – Beatrice de Virgil

“Ghost represents the freedom to be me… because papa loves and accepts everyone.” – Nicolette Hillen

“Ghost has become a fixture in my family. I, my husband and my 4-year-old daughter all enjoy the music together. Ghost is a family tradition, and I absolutely love it. The music also got me through some hard times while dealing with mental health issues. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have this amazing music in my life.” – Chelsea Rodriguez

“Courage.” – Alasdair Gillespie

“Ghost means finding hope and wonder in the midst of darkness, dancing in the face of death and living life to the fullest while we’re here. Honestly, I love how a band that makes music about death, hell and Satan can bring so much joy to so many people.” – Ryan Cronin

“It became a second family. Everyone I met at the concerts were so nice and inclusive.” – Jöel Langeslag

“Ghost has kinda come to mean community. It’s one way I bond with my boyfriend, I’ve made quite a few friends over it. And it’s also helped me find my voice, not only in singing, but in taking care of myself, finding the right balance of religion, and balancing life. It makes me confident when I listen to and sing along with them, not only because I’m an outcast, but because of the mental health issues I have. It’s helped me to realize that I am irreplaceable, that I’m wonderful the way I am.” – zero_kureyo on Instagram

“The simplest statement I can make is that Ghost is an artistic masterpiece. They play what they want, how THEY want it, and make loud statements without caring about others opinions. They’ve woven an extensive story that pulls people in and gets them talking. Art is meant to get a person to stop, think, and make their own interpretations; I have not seen another band do this more successfully than that of Ghost, and on a global level in my lifetime. Be it the lyrics, stage performances, costumes, or music videos; all of it has forged a community of equally creative fans unlike anything I have ever seen; and one thing Ghost definitely realizes is that putting care towards the fans themselves is just as important. On a personal level, their music has helped me past the worst art block and dips of depression I’ve ever experienced in recent years. They reminded me as an artist, it’s okay to delve into dark humor; that innovation can come from negativity and the macabre. I hope all of the band members know that their hard works are appreciated and they are making a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.” – lisapuppets on Instagram


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